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Is Cloud Computing A Good Idea for Everyone?

Cloud is being adopted by many business owners due to its promise of cost efficiency and ease of use. There's little argument that cloud offers flexible, scalable solutions to quickly build or add new infrastructure to support business needs and lower ownership costs. For many it's ideal, however it isn't right for everyone. It relies totally on fast, reliable internet access and may only suit certain aspects of a business's operation such as data backup, hosted email or cloud telephony.


Speak to us today to find out more about the range of cloud, hybrid and conventional business services available in High Wycombe, Slough, London and surrounding areas.

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Is The Cloud Right For My Business?

At face value, there's clear benefits. However, careful consideration should be given before dedicating your company's data to the care of a third-party datacentre. Just because it's cloud hosted doesn't necessarily mean it's the best solution for your business.


With public cloud there will always be potential for data security to be compromised, so your strategy needs to be clear should things go wrong. Also consider whether your team has reliable high speed internet to guarantee access to their work, as this will become critical. Some applications aren't suited to cloud and will be better hosted locally. In such cases and especially where fibre costs are high, a hybrid solution may be the best fit for your business.

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How Can I Reach The Cloud?

For cloud to be viable, connectivity is key - you must have stable, high speed internet with sufficient bandwidth to both access & work with your cloud-hosted data. Many businesses, even in large towns and on business parks, can't access adequate or affordable high speed connection to make cloud a practical solution.


At Agile Computers in High Wycombe, we uphold partnerships with most major internet providers enabling us to discover and implement the best fibre, leased line, FTTC and ADSL services available to your building. All associated infrastructure is provided to complete the solution, including data/network cabling, wireless networks and cloud telephone systems.

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Cloud Computing

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