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Virtual servers A Server That Meets Your Needs
A Server To Suit You

Choosing A Server To Suit You

Whether you opt for a physical or virtual server as your primary data centre completely depends on your business. There are benefits of both methods, however you need to take into account the size of your business, your server performance and storage needs and your budget.


We assist you with the initial selection and setup of your optimum server, and provide ongoing support and monitoring to help ensure that the data remains safe and accessible. To find out more, contact our team in High Wycombe.

Why Virtualise Your Server?

Virtual servers are shared by multiple users, and offer you the opportunity to expand your data capacity quickly and easily whilst not encroaching on precious space. By deploying virtual machines you're also eliminating costs normally associated with additional hardware, infrastructure, energy, support and maintenance.


Virtualization allows you to simultaneously run multiple virtual servers from one physical machine, offering you the advantages of the cloud with none of the disadvantages. To find out more, speak to our team in High Wycombe today.

Physical Servers Ideal For Small Businesses

Physical servers are considered to be the traditional option, and are ideal for web hosting services, as well as performing dedicated tasks within your business.


With a physical server, your applications and data are stored locally, meaning that security and performance are all within your control. Using a physical server you will be able to run applications more efficiently, thus optimising your business' performance, and ensure that sensitive information and data is kept safe.

Work On A Server

That Perfectly Meets Your Needs

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