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Reduce Virus Threats security for your business
Defence Against Malicious Content
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Protecting Your Business Both Online & Offline

Threats to your business from the internet and elsewhere are continually evolving and increasing in sophistication, requiring every organisation to regularly review and update its online & offline protection measures.


With Agile Computers, you can gain access to modular firewall and VPN gateway systems, or Unified Threat Management appliances designed to fulfil your network security and remote working needs. Options are available to support tens, hundreds or even thousands of remote workers.

The First Line Of Defence Against Malicious Content

Other challenges to business include managing spam email, controlling inappropriate web-surfing, providing secure remote working, preventing unauthorised access to your network and leaking of company or personal data. Many employees now wish to bring their own device, so how is this security challenge properly addressed? Agile has practical and effective solutions to meet these requirements and ensure that company infrastructure is not used inappropriately and your Acceptable Usage policy is followed.


At Agile Computers, we assist businesses throughout High Wycombe and surrounds by addressing employee productivity and confidential data leakage issues, combining multiple web security solutions for optimum PC security and simple management.

Reducing Virus Threats To A Minimum

Is your IT system properly protected against malware and viruses? We use industry-leading tools perfect for small to mid-size business customers who need to protect their IT estate & remote users against digital threats. Phishing emails increasingly catch many users off guard, and Agile has a service to help counter this vulnerability facing all businesses.


Through strong relationships with market leaders in anti-virus technologies, we're ideally placed to minimise the impact of a malware or virus outbreak. To find out more about our security services, contact our team in High Wycombe today.

Is Your Business Vulnerable

To Attacks?

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