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Downsides Of Cloud Computing
The Benefits Of Cloud Computing
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Some Benefits Of Cloud Computing

• Focus on your business - Managing data centres is not the focus of your business. Cloud frees up IT resources to focus on developing applications, products and services

• Scalable - You can quickly build new infrastructure to support new applications

• Financially sound - The pay as you go model is ideal for small businesses and start-ups, with your computing expenses accounted for as operational expenses

• Expand your global presence - with cloud datacentres located across the globe, you can quickly and easily coordinate your global infrastructure

Some Downsides Of Cloud Computing

• Single point of failure - You need internet connection to reach the cloud, so any connectivity issues immediately slow down your systems and applications, or prevent you working at all

• Inconsistent performance - As the infrastructure is a shared one, you may be impacted by noisy neighbours. The quality & speed of your connection is key to success.

• Security - Your cloud infrastructure is only as secure as you make it. Essentailly, you'll be surrendering all of your company's information to a third party provider, so ask about security

• Not the perfect fit for all workloads - You need to evaluate your workloads carefully to determine whether they are appropriate for working in the cloud

• Some applications are unsuitable for cloud - some things are just designed to run locally

What's The Alternative?

Finding a one-size-fits-all cloud solution for everyone is unlikely. Your business has a unique set of requirements and uses different applications which may not all be suited to cloud. A hybrid cloud model offers flexibility and many of the benefits of a hosted model, by matching the right solution to each task to ensure its effective and secure operation.


A hybrid solution breaks down technical barriers to achieve maximum benefit, improved performance and often significant cost savings over some aspects of cloud, providing you with the best combination of technologies to drive business. To find out how we can help you, call our team in High Wycombe today.

Is The Cloud Right

For Your Business?