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For small and medium sized businesses, virtualising servers and cloud-hosting some elements of IT offers savings and improvements in backup, business continuity and ability to adapt your IT resources to match the changing demands of a growing company.


You can increase functionality of applications without having to worry about the impact on speed and performance of your systems, while granting access to these applications to your team from anywhere. Based in High Wycombe and serving Slough, London and surrounding areas, Agile Computers is ideally positioned to modernise the way your business works and communicates.

Working within a hybrid cloud platform gives you greater control and flexibility when managing your company data. Using virtualisation techniques, data can be quickly and effectively archived helping to increase performance and recovery options, whilst avoiding the challenges of securing sensitive information at a remote data centre.


We'll help you integrate services with cloud providers such as managed and archived email, and those applications unsuitable for cloud can be hosted locally to optimise performance. Agile Computers isn't a cloud provider itself, instead offering honest, impartial real-world advice on which elements of hosting will be most appropriate for your company. We partner with leading datacentres and cloud providers to manage the overall solution for you.

As with cloud computing, you can realise serious savings through creating multiple virtual machines to run on a single server. With a virtual server, you only pay for licensing the applications you need, so your costs are directly proportionate to required usage levels without the added life costs of extra hardware, its power and maintenance.


Moving everything to the cloud isn't always as low cost as it may first appear, with providers' headline offers only including limited storage and basic services. Once you calculate the capacity your business needs, costs can soon escalate. Basic levels of security are often not included and must be added at a cost. To discuss how server virtualisation in a hybrid cloud platform can provide the best outcome for your business, call our team in High Wycombe today.

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