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Cloud or hosted email is becoming increasingly popular, providing access from anywhere on any device. Services offer filtering for spam, malware and viruses, email continuity, archiving, encryption, web filtering and email branding. Full compatibility with Outlook contacts and calendar means enterprise-class email solutions are now available without the hardware, software and maintenance overhead of an exchange server. Agile offers managed services for both cloud and on premises email and data backup, scalable for all business types.


Agile is your local partner for Europe's leading cloud telephone system with Lync integration to create the ultimate Unified Communication & Collaboration experience. Call our team in High Wycombe about NFON New Generation Telephone System.

Using cloud, your files, applications, email and entire systems can be accessed, stored and retrieved quickly. Because the data is held 'off site', this can offer protection whenever disaster strikes, and should enable systems to be quickly restored with minimum interruption to business. This can only happen in practice as part of an overarching recovery and business continuity strategy, an area that is all too often overlooked and not catered-for by the datacentre. Lost productivity can be very costly when systems are unavailable, so adequate business continuity plans should not be under-estimated.


Agile has considerable expertise linking cloud to onsite backup making management of your disaster recovery or business continuity plan flexible, fast and highly effective.

Is Access to the Cloud within Reach?

The benefits of the cloud are well documented, but if you're in a location that still can’t connect to fast, stable internet service then moving everything to the cloud probably isn’t a good idea. Many businesses still can’t get very high-speed, affordable access even from central locations and business parks. As part of our service to you, we assess the suitability of your internet connection for cloud services.


Agile partners all major internet providers to quickly discover the fibre, leased line, FTTC or ADSL services available in budget. Then, we design services around your internet capability utilising cloud-hosting where practical, allied to virtualisation and other on premise solutions.

For more information on Microsoft Office 365, speak to High Wycombe's IT experts today.

Safe, Reliable Backup & Storage Solutions

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