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Cost Effective, Premium IT Equipment For Your Business

IT systems play a central role in running and developing any business, and those with a clear IT strategy will reap the greatest rewards. Funding new equipment is part of this strategy and Lease finance helps businesses fund the resources they need to achieve their business goals.


At Agile Computers, we're dedicated to helping the businesses of High Wycombe acquire the latest technology. With rental payments being a tax deductible trading expense, lease finance helps to make theses essential items less of a drain on capital resources.

Tax-Effective IT Leasing Plans

Buying new IT equipment ties up a large amount of your business' capital, capital which you will likely have other uses for. With Agile Computers, you can take advantage of leasing plans on a range of modern and up-to-date hardware and software on 1-5 year flexible terms.


Your business will benefit from top of the range technology today, without the worry about it taking up the whole of your budget. Hardware, Software and IT services can usually be included under a lease finance agreement. Why not call us today to find out more about cost-effective IT leasing plans?

Quick & Easy Trade Up Options

Want to upgrade your equipment prior to the end of your leasing agreement? Generally, leasing plans span 3-4 years, however modern technology is ever changing and you may need to improve or add to your systems before this time. With the flexibility of a trade-up finance plan you can benefit from the technology you need today without necessarily increasing your monthly payments.


To discuss which lease finance options are best for you, contact our team in High Wycombe today to set up an appointment.

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